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Image by Bob Brewer

Year 6 Kestrels class

Ask Me About

'Ask Me Abouts' will be added here half-termly to keep you informed about what we have been doing and what we intend to do in Kestrels class.


In the Autumn term we will be consolidating and building upon the children's knowledge of place value, the four operations and fractions. Please use the links below to help develop the skills and understanding. Please also make sure that the children are practising their times tables, being able to recall key facts at speed.

Please continue to encourage the children to use the link below to explore maths skills through games.


This term we will be finding out about volcanoes and mountains.

Image by Ása Steinarsdóttir


Should your child wish to read ahead, some of the books we will be exploring this term are listed below.

  • Survivors by David Long

  • The Wolves of Currumpaw by William Grill

  • The Man Who Walked Between the Two Towers by Mordicai Gerstein

  • A Life Electric: The Story of Nikola Tesla by Westergaard and Azadeh

Spelling and Grammar

Both spelling and grammar will be covered throughout Year 6, through all our learning. The link below will take you to Topmarks games and activities to help your child with their learning.


We will be exploring e-safety at the start of the Autumn term. Please encourage your child to keep practising and following safe use of the internet.

The Band Runner game (link below) is designed to help 8-10 year olds learn how to stay safe online. The Play Like Share animations and game are part of a package of resources created by the National Crime Agency's CEOP Command.

SMART poster: Stay Safe; Don't Meet Up; Accepting Files; Reliable?; Tell Someone


We will be exploring Living Things and their Habitats, followed by Electricity.

Pupils can get ahead with their learning by using the BBC Bitesize links below.


In Art we will be exploring the art of batik.


In RE we will be exploring the following questions:

  • How does Tawhid create a sense of belonging for Muslims?

  • Was Jesus the Messiah?

Pupils can get ahead with their learning by looking at the BBC Bitesize links below.


In PHSE we will be exploring 'Being Myself' and 'Celebrating Differences'.


In PE we will be covering Swimming and Tag Rugby.

We also have French, DT and Music to look forward to!


For all letters, information and forms for parents, please follow the link to our Downloads page.

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