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A Hurst Education Trust Curriculum

Working with the Hurst Education Trust for an enhanced curriculum.

The curriculum in a Hurst Education Trust (HET) school is broad, rich and ambitious, underpinned by its Christian vision and values. It is inclusive, enabling every child to flourish and preparing them for future success in life.

Our coherently planned and well-sequenced curriculum sets high expectations for pupils, whist also being adaptive and flexible. This approach facilitates high levels of engagement from pupils, and motivates them to develop skills, knowledge, and personal and social characteristics which will enable them to achieve success. Our curriculum choices have been based on extensive research around best practice, both subject specific and pedagogical.

Staff in HET schools are aspirational for all their pupils and strive for excellence in their classroom practice. They are skilled professionals who embrace opportunities for professional development.

Girl in classroom reading a book
HET curriculum_dog in school

Downloads and links

Download our documents for further information about our curriculum.


Parents can find out more about each year group's curriculum on our Classes page and more about
each subject on the subject pages.

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