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Physical Education

Creating an enthusiasm for sport at all ages.

We regard Physical Education (PE) lessons, and participation in sport, as highly important for all children and we work hard to ensure pupils are enthusiastic about sports at all ages.

In addition to our traditional Sports Day we have implemented other sports events such as our Jolf Day (a fun golf course with ramps and obstacles). We have also developed a pupil Sports Crew to take ownership of games during break times. 


We are proud to have achieved a number of School Games Mark awards at gold level.

Boy in a PE lesson with arms in the air

Sports Workshops

As part of the Hurst Education Trust (HET), our pupils are also able to take part in sports workshops at Hurst College. These have included cricket, netball, multi-sports and swimming.

Albourne children taking part in a cricket lesson at Hurst College

Active Learning

We are proud to celebrate being active at Albourne, not only in our PE lessons and break times, but throughout our academic lessons. We use Teach Active, a programme of lesson plans for English and maths, to inspire ‘active learning’ and make sure children have opportunities to move around in their lessons.

Children with arms up taking part in active learning in a classroom


We have also adopted the Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) Primary Programme to keep pupils active throughout their pupils’ break times. Find out more on our OPAL Play page.

We also employ a Sports Leader at lunchtimes to facilitate different opportunities for pupils to play different sports.

Downloads and links

Download our documents for further information about our curriculum.

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