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The Albourne Way

Living Life to the full.

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Everything we do at Albourne Church of England Primary School is underpinned by John 10:10 - 'Jesus said, "I have come that you may have life in all its fullness."'

Whilst developing our ‘culture of excellence for all’, we encapsulated 'life in all its fullness' within The Albourne Way.

The Albourne Way was created out of our vision to nurture and enable all of our children to flourish and be the person that they are capable of being.

The Albourne Way encourages both the community and our children to be caring citizens; confident and independent learners and responsible and resilient individuals. The Albourne Way is about following the ‘excellence in presentation’ way; it is not just about handwriting and best practice but progress from pupils' starting points.

When a child is following The Albourne Way, or making progress from their starting points, they are recommended to visit Ms Keeling for an 'A' sticker.


Once pupils receive three 'A' stickers, they will be awarded an extraordinary certificate. Once a pupil receives five of these stickers, they become a member of The Albourne Way Ambassadors Association and will be awarded a special badge. The Ambassadors Association involves regular meetings at lunchtimes to look at pupils' progress in their books, discuss their next steps and identify the next  term's group of Ambassadors.

Boy holding up work book with Albourne sticker

Read more about the Ambassadors Association on our Pupil Leadership page.

Pupils use the Christian values they learn during their time at Albourne to guide and support them through life. The Albourne Way aims to help pupils experience 'life in all its fullness' as they progress from Primary School towards adulthood.

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