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Art and Design

Celebrating a culture of creativity!

At Albourne we celebrate a culture of creativity! We boast a staff team who have a diverse range of expertise in areas such as graphic design, illustration, fine art, music, dance and drama. We have collaborated to develop a broad and ambitious Art and Design curriculum for our young learners.


We seek opportunities to work with artists and designers to enrich the subject knowledge of staff and pupils.


Art and Design is taught discretely through the year groups which allows for progression and enables pupils to revise, build-upon and extend key skills and knowledge taught in previous years. Our staff always find exciting ways of weaving Art and Design into other curriculum areas, where appropriate, making links with topics.


By the time our pupils reach Year 6, they will have explored and gleaned skills across a range of disciplines including: drawing, painting, 3D modelling, printing and crafting.


Sketchbooks are used for research of artists and their work; experimentation of design ideas; exploration of techniques and they are annotated with evaluations of their own work. As children transition through the school years, their sketchbooks journey with them, becoming precious working documents that the pupils love to flick back through and reflect on what has been recorded within.


Our children have commented on how they value Art and Design as one of the many highlights of their school week, as they love having opportunity for self-expression and creativity; they say they find art therapeutic and many enjoy the freedom of being allowed to get messy!


We are an inclusive school and we know that many children who find some other curriculum subjects challenging, feel that they are able to excel in Art and Design and it gives them that sense of success which is vital for their personal well-being. 

Boy and girl painting

Artsmark Award

Albourne is a school which appreciates the arts and we are proud to be working towards our Artsmark Award. This award is the creative quality standard for schools, accredited by Arts Council England. To lead us in this we have our own pupil Arts Council Representatives.

Hurst Art Workshops

As a Hurst Education Trust (HET) school our pupils benefit from Art Workshops at Hurst College.

Boy drawing with pencil on green paper

Downloads and links

Download our documents for further information about our curriculum.

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