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Teaching maths in a unique and personalised way.

At Albourne School, we see the way in which we teach mathematics as unique and best suited to meet the needs of every child in our classrooms.


We split our sessions in order to assess mid-way through to evaluate what our children need. This could be to extend, practise further or receive additional support in order to access future concepts.


We follow a mastery approach to mathematics, breaking concepts down into smaller steps in order for children to access mathematics at a deeper level and slower pace.

During mathematical experiences, children will be encouraged to view concepts in different ways and apply these to a variety of situations in the form of problem solving or making connections with other mathematical topics. All children should have the opportunity to develop build upon such skills.

It is our vision that teachers are able to prioritise their time to create thought-provoking and differentiated activities to enable all children at our school.

We believe that activities and the hustle and bustle of the classroom will remain the best representation of how children are continually being moved forward in their learning, not just the physical evidence we may see in their books.

As part of our drive to make maths enjoyable and inclusive, the whole school takes part in Maths Week every year.

Young boy laying on carpet counting maths cubes

"[It was] wonderful to watch how they all work in the class - very enjoyable. Great ideas for home."


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